The beautiful Oak trees from which these amazing barrels are created are aged anywhere from 150 years to 250+ years old. Once the trees are harvested they are split and turned into ‘staves’ then air dried for a minimum 18 months to 3 years+.

The majority of the barrels used by wineries in Australia are made by cooperages in either France or America, with only a small percentage being crafted by coopers in Australia.

To create our furniture, the wine barrel must first be pulled apart, stored and dried until the oak timber has an acceptable moisture content ready for making furniture, this can take from 3 to 9 months depending on seasons.

When crafting a work of art every effort is made to preserve the Coopers original branding on the heads of the barrel, along with other markings that add character, such as the outline from the hoops, and nail holes from the nails that used to hold the hoops in place.

All of our works that require the screwing of staves are done so using Stainless Steel screws, for ultimate strength and longevity. We make, and use our own wood plugs from offcuts to conceal any visable screws. After extensive sanding the piece is ready to be sealed with the chosen finish.

We pride ourselves on using eco-friendly plant based oils to finish all of our products. They are 100% food safe, and enhance the natural beauty of the timber. And best of all they're good for the environment!

We try our best to keep all the products shown within our website in stock, however at times certain products do sell out (especially in the lead up to Christmas). If you know in advance of a specific product you are hoping to purchase, or wish to discuss making slight changes to one of our designs, please don’t hesitate to contact us