A few things that should be considered before purchasing any of our products.

All of our wine, and bourbon barrel products are made from recycled materials. The staves, heads and hoops from barrels are sometimes dented, bent and banged around whilst fulfilling their duty aging wine, beer or spirits. After pulling them apart and air drying them we then do our best to craft these wonderful vessles into furniture whilst trying to retain markings such as nail holes from the hoops into the staves, the hoop marks on the staves, any wine stains on the outside of the barrel and some bangs or scrapes. After all it is all these markings that make our barrel furniture so unique!

A question we are often asked is, how does the furniture weather if placed outside? This is a difficult question to answer as it is hard for us to determine exactly how much sun or rain it will be exposed to. Simply put, the more weather the furniture is exposed to, the more often it will need to be re-oiled. We strongly recommend that your furniture be placed under cover away from the elements, or preferably indoors where there will be very minimal maintenance required.

Our hardwood furniture, with the exception of our outdoor hardwood furniture, should only be used indoors.

If you would like to place an order either call or email and let us know which of our products you are interested in and we will get back to you with an estimated completion time. If shipping is required, please provide us with a suburb and postcode and we will be able to provide a price for this also.